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Communications and Media Relations Staff


Science Writing and Media Relations

  • Lynn Yarris, senior science writer, 510-486-5375,
    Energy Research, Biofuels, Chemistry, Novel Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Dan Krotz, science writer, 510-486-4019,
    Life Sciences and Genomics, Structural Biology, Climate and Earth Sciences, Computing
  • Julie Chao, science writer, 510-486-6491,
    Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency, International Energy Programs, Community Relations, Education, Technology Transfer
  • Glenn Roberts, science writer, 510-486-5582,
    Physical Sciences, Accelerators, Chemical Sciences

Internal Communications

Web Communications

  • Pam Patterson, managing editor, 510-486-4045,
    Laboratory History, Photography and Images, Environment, Health and Safety

Social Media

  • Kelly Owen, Specialist, 510-486-6249,
    Community Engagement