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Berkeley Lab Announces Director’s Awards: Physicist, Big Data Expert Recognized for Lifetime Achievement

The recipients of the Berkeley Lab Director’s Lifetime and Exceptional Achievement Awards have been announced. David Nygren (Physics) and Arie Shoshani (Computational Research) are the recipients of the Berkeley Lab Prize Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lifetime Achievement Award winners David Nygren (left) and Arie Shoshani.
Lifetime Achievement Award winners David Nygren (left) and Arie Shoshani.

Nygren was honored for his distinguished development of instrumentation in particle physics, the most famous being the Time Projection Chamber. The TPC has been a mainstay of particle and nuclear physics experiments and lies at the heart of major projects including ALICE at the Large Hadron Collider.

Shoshani’s award citation noted that his “work has proven essential to establishing the data-driven approach as a new paradigm of scientific discovery.” He has revolutionized the way scientists in high-energy physics and other sciences have managed their Big Data.

The Lab’s Exceptional Achievement honorees this year include Ron Zuckerman (Safety), Warren Byrne (Service), Nathan Hillson (Tech Transfer), Roy Kaltschmidt (Outreach), Jill Fuss and Elizabeth Bautista (Diversity), David Kestell (Operations), and Haimei Zheng, Kevin Einsweiler, Rebecca Abergel, Peter Nugent, Kam-Biu Luk, and Kristin Persson (Science). Team awards went to Evan Mills, Norman Bourassa, Leo Rainer, and Gregory Homan (Societal Impact), and the HR Recruiting/Hiring Technology Improvement group (Operations). Go here for more on the Berkeley Lab Prize, and here for Achievement Awards.