Art Rosenfeld

Art Rosenfeld

The Tang Prize Foundation  announced that the 2016 prize in Sustainable Development goes to Berkeley Lab’s Arthur Rosenfeld, known in the field as the “godfather” of energy efficiency. He was chosen as the category’s awardee “for his lifelong and pioneering innovations in energy efficiency resulting in immense reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions around the world.” The award includes a cash prize of $1.24 million. In addition to the cash prize, a grant of approximately $311,000 was also awarded.

Rosenfeld began his illustrious career in particle physics. He earned his PhD at the University of Chicago under the tutelage of legendary physicist and Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi. During his time as a Professor of Physics at Berkeley, the oil crisis of the 1970s awakened him to the importance of energy conservation. In a phrase that sums up his lifetime of work—“The cheapest energy is what you don’t use.”

The Tang Prize in Sustainable Development recognizes individuals or institutions who have made extraordinary contributions to the sustainable development of human societies, especially through groundbreaking innovations in science and technology.

Founded in 2012 by Samuel Yin, the Tang Prize awards achievements in four categories: Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law. The winners will receive the medal, diploma, and cash prize at the award ceremony on September 25 in Taipei, Taiwan.

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