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Attention Earthlings: Help Wanted in Finding a New Planet

Data research for a Berkeley Lab-led dark energy experiment benefits citizen science project that seeks the public’s help in the hunt for a hypothesized Neptune-like Planet Nine.

Filling in the Nuclear Data Gaps

Berkeley Lab’s Nuclear Data Group is conducting new experiments to address common data needs in nuclear medicine, nuclear energy and fusion R&D, security, and counterproliferation work.

The iCLEM Program: An Atypical Summer Job for Bay Area High School Students

Eight Bay Area high school students are participating in this summer’s iCLEM program, earning money and gaining “college knowledge” while conducting bioenergy research in the state-of-the-art scientific laboratories of the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI).

From Mentee to Mentor, Berkeley Lab’s Education Programs Inspire Scientists

Berkeley Lab’s Center for Science and Engineering Education (CSEE), with its range of internship offerings, helps to fulfill one of the Lab’s mandates, which is to inspire and prepare this country’s next generation of scientists, engineers and technicians. This year more than 70 current and recent college students and almost 20 high school and college instructors participated in a CSEE program, working with Berkeley Lab researchers on science projects spanning from cancer research to cosmology to biofuels.

Doing Science to Teach Science

Through a program called IISME, or Industry Initiatives for Science and Mathematics Education, 12 high school science teachers from throughout the Bay Area spent part of their summer working with Berkeley Lab scientists on ongoing research projects, conducting and designing experiments and helping to collect and analyze data. IISME is just one of the education programs run by the Lab’s Center for Science and Engineering Education (CSEE).

Not Your Typical Summer Job for High School Students

A summer job for eight high school students from the East Bay means working in a state-of-the art microbiology research laboratory on the next-step in bioenergy. The iCLEM program is a paid summer internship for high school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who fall outside the typical curve of academic enrichment. It is sponsored by the Joint BioEnergy Institute and the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center.

Berkeley Lab-founded Program Shares Astronomy With African Youth

Susan Murabana is working to bring astronomy education to Africa through Global Hands-On Universe, a program founded by Berkeley Lab astronomer Carl Pennypacker.

Hooked on Science: Berkeley Lab Prepares Students for Careers in Research

For students who choose to return to Berkeley Lab, CSEE internship programs are often pivotal in deciding their futures. “We have seen these experiences literally change lives,” said CSEE director Susan Brady. “When teachers and students conduct authentic research with exceptional scientists using world-class facilities and equipment, they are introduced to a whole new world of possibilities.”

Bay Area Students Get Hands-On Science Experience and a Salary

iCLEM – the Introductory College Level Experience in Microbiology – is a summer education program for Bay Area high school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds unlike any other. Not only does iCLEM provide the students with a hands-on science experience, it also pays them a salary. iCLEM is sponsored by the Joint BioEnergy Institute and the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center.

Hunting the Neutrino-less Double Decay: Students May Not Win the Nobel, But It’s an Internship to Remember

Under the mentorship of Berkeley Lab nuclear scientist Azriel Goldschmidt, Abdel Bachri and his physics students at Southern Arkansas University are helping in the hunt for the neutrino-less double decay, one of the rarest decays in nature. Many top scientific teams around the world are on the hunt to confirm this phenomenon, which would demonstrate that physicists’ standard model of particles is incomplete and will very likely bring a Nobel Prize to the winning team. They are participants in the Faculty and Student Teams (FaST) program, one of more than a dozen educational and internship programs offered by Berkeley Lab’s Center for Science and Engineering Education.