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Hunting the Neutrino-less Double Decay: Students May Not Win the Nobel, But It’s an Internship to Remember

Under the mentorship of Berkeley Lab nuclear scientist Azriel Goldschmidt, Abdel Bachri and his physics students at Southern Arkansas University are helping in the hunt for the neutrino-less double decay, one of the rarest decays in nature. Many top scientific teams around the world are on the hunt to confirm this phenomenon, which would demonstrate that physicists’ standard model of particles is incomplete and will very likely bring a Nobel Prize to the winning team. They are participants in the Faculty and Student Teams (FaST) program, one of more than a dozen educational and internship programs offered by Berkeley Lab’s Center for Science and Engineering Education.

iCLEM program provides Bay Area students with hands-on science experience and a salary

iCLEM, which stands for Introductory College Level Experience in Microbiology, is a program that provides paid internships to underserved Bay Area high school students, giving them a chance to participate in actual scientific research while gaining experience in numerous college preparation activities and earning money.

Last thoughts on Euroscience 2010

In his last dispatch from Torino, Italy, Public Affairs head Jeff Miller offers final thoughts on highlights from the euroscience experience, and some of his favorite moments.

How do you feel about science?

Reporting from Torino, Italy, Public Affairs head Jeff Miller explores public attitudes about science, including the similarities and differences among cultures across Europe.

The allure of public science

Public Affairs Head Jeff Miller reports from Torino, Italy on the importance of putting science where the people are.

The (green) Spirit of Ireland

Berkeley Lab Public Affairs Head Jeff Miller reports from the Euroscience Open Forum, exploring the issues behind a wind-energy-to-hydro-energy project proposed for the comparatively unpopulated western coast of Europe’s westernmost country.

Changing the conversation on climate change

This is the first of a series of dispatches from the Euroscience Open Forum. Public Affairs Head Jeff Miller reports on the challenges of engaging the public in the climate change debate.

How a Summer Internship—or a Weekend Lecture—Can Change a Life

Emily Chen still vividly remembers the lecture on gecko feet. She was an eighth grader attending Berkeley Lab’s Nano*High program to hear materials scientist Arun Majumdar explain how what he was learning about gecko feet might translate into a new adhesive product based on carbon nanotubes. Many students come away from a Berkeley Lab summer internship—or just a weekend lecture—infected by the scientists’ passion for their work and with a sharper focus on their own academic and career path.

Scientists Benefit as Much as Students from “Cleantech to Market” Program

Launched as a pilot project at Berkeley Lab, the Cleantech to Market program is finishing its first semester as an official class at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, and it’s safe to say the students learned more than they expected on how to take a technology from the laboratory to the marketplace. What was less expected is how much the scientists got out of the program.

The “Other Oppenheimer" and the World He Made Up

Something Incredibly Wonderful Happens, K.C. Cole’s newly published biography of the “uncle of the atom bomb,” as Frank Oppenheimer called himself, recounts the touching and sometimes tortuous relationship between Frank, Ernest Lawrence, and other physicists as they struggled to find a way to survive a nuclear age. Oppenheimer’s solution was to found an extraordinary science museum, the Exploratorium.