Polly Arnold, Division Director, Chemical Sciences Division, with Matt Hernandez, Graduate Student Researcher. Close up of ashtray full of cigarettes with a person in background working on a laptop computer. The elements cadmium, arsenic, and chromium are overlaid on top. Magnon propagation in an antiferromagnet is revealed in these snapshots of spatially resolved transient reflectance, obtained using pairs of laser pulses. Colorful, abstract nebulous image.

Modern scientific discovery relies on advances in data science, mathematics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

View of the blue sky from above the clouds.

Accelerating new carbon management innovations to fight the climate crisis.

The first results from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument hold tantalizing hints that dark energy might change over time. Lab physicist and DESI director Michael Levi discusses the experiment and what the results mean with theoretical physicist Brian Greene.