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A person in a navy top standing with their arms crossed in front of a hallway. Ashok Gadgil wearing a black suit jacket and white collared shirt, photographed in his lab. Scientist conducting experiments in a bunny clean room suit. Large wind turbine base flowing back and forth. Reed Teyber, a research scientist, works a device he developed for measuring high-temperature superconducting magnets, at a machine shop in Building 58 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Sunset at the Salton Sea with mountains in the distance. A heap of electronic and computer hardware waste for disposal or recycling - junked computer parts. Digital traffic sign reading Excessive Heat High Fire Danger Use Caution. A wildfire blazes under power lines. Center of X-Ray Optics laboratory Scientist wearing protective gear conducts an experiment in the lab. Brown haired person wearing a purple collared shirt poses outside, with the San Francisco Bay Area visible behind.