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An illustration showing four separate circular scenes. Blades of grass are around the left and right edges of the image. Graphic collage of a scientist holding a beaker in front of a teal background. Collage image of a scientist and sorghum plants overlaid on a teal background. A biofuel canister in front of planes and crops. Six circles depicting different scenes: wind turbines, hydrogen element, solar farm, hydrogen tank, scientists, and a hydrogen fueled car. Composite image of a scientist sitting in the grass overlaid on a teal graphic. Graphic illustration depicting five separate illustrations. Collaged image of a person working at a laptop computer desk in front of a teal background with opaque icons. Satellite image of a bomb cyclone over the Pacific Ocean and Western US. A birds view of smoke stacks with smoke obstructing the view of the sun. Graphic illustration depicting three scenes surrounding a spinning microchip. Collage style graphic of a scientist sitting at a computer desk in front of a blue background.