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Outstretched hand holding a bowl collecting natrual water. Photo collage of people interacting with water. Spring snowmelt in the Ansel Adams Wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada against a setting sky. stock photo of Small creek in Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains 3 scientists in forest burn area UC Berkeley chemists synthesized a flexible polymer membrane incorporating nanoparticles called “porous aromatic frameworks.” The membrane selectively absorbs nearly 100% of metals such as mercury, copper, or iron during desalination, more efficiently producing clean, safe water. The membrane can incorporate a single type of tuned nanoparticle if the metal is to be recovered – or several different types, each tuned to absorb a different metal or ionic compound if multiple contaminants need to be removed in one step. (Credit: Adam Uliana/UC Berkeley) Water molecules illustration of project Deep blue, swirling evaporation ponds from above