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Close-up of some Paula shells also called Abalone A purple gloved hand holding a transparent box with a plant inside. A view of an eddy covariance tower, capable of measuring the release of greenhouse gases, located in Alaska. A wooden walkway over a marshy flat area with shallow water and visible vegetation. Set against a bright blue sky with clouds. An industrial facility in shadow, backlit by an orange sunset Christina Castanha, a person wearing a light colored hat, green shirt, and brown pants, collecting soil samples outdoors for a deep-soil warming experiment. Supercell thunderstorm in the American Plains. Composite image of a scientist sitting in the grass overlaid on a teal graphic. Sunrise over a prairie. A small brown wooden model of a house sits on cracked concrete Collaged image of a person working at a laptop computer desk in front of a teal background with opaque icons. Uprooted or broken trees in the Amazon due to intense storms that can cause "windthrow."