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Supercell thunderstorm in the American Plains. Composite image of a scientist sitting in the grass overlaid on a teal graphic. Sunrise over a prairie. A small brown wooden model of a house sits on cracked concrete Collaged image of a person working at a laptop computer desk in front of a teal background with opaque icons. Uprooted or broken trees in the Amazon due to intense storms that can cause "windthrow." A digital illustration of an hourglass filled with pieces of virus capsules and DNA strands. The pieces at the top of the hourglass are purple, and they are flowing downward into viral pieces that are orange. Spring snowmelt in the Ansel Adams Wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada against a setting sky. Conceptual painting depicting celestial purple orbs of varying sizes connected with stretching strands. A human-perspective of a large warehouse holding a soil box seismic activity system. Scientist conducts an experiment at the lab, with another scientist looking on. Digital traffic sign reading Excessive Heat High Fire Danger Use Caution.