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Split shot, over under water surface. Defocused fish under the waterline with an island on the surface during a dramatic sunrise. A cartoon-style graphic of a woman in green holding a plastic cup looking at a range of different gray recycling bins with piles of multicolored waste piled around them. Transmission electron microscope (TEM) images of the new 2D nanosheet as a barrier coating that self-assembles on a variety of substrates: a Teflon beaker and membrane, polyester film, thick and thin silicon films, and glass. KIA NIRO electric car is charging on street parking lot of Lindholmen, Gothenburg Silicon wafer reflecting different colors An electric vehicle lithium-ion battery pack. Collage of two pictures showing 2D material behavior side by side. (Left) Above an onset temperature, a 2D material exhibits normal liquid behavior with all particles similarly mobile (yellow). (Right) Below that temperature, it becomes supercooled, with the onset of rigidity leading to just some mobile particles (yellow) amongst solid-like ‘frozen’ regions (blue). Collage of biotal, a hand holding a plant, and a researcher holding up a recyclable plastic Enrico Ridente, a person with short dark hair and a beard wearing a light green collared shirt and black pants, stands next to Eric Haugen, a person with short brown hair wearing a dark collared shirt with jeans. The two are standing in front of a machine in their lab. A staff scientist is photographed at his desk. Next to him is a laptop displaying computer simulations. Two scientists with short black hair prepare some samples on a spectroscopy instrument that is on the right of the frame. Person with long, brown hair standing in front of scientific instrumentation.