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Enrico Ridente, a person with short dark hair and a beard wearing a light green collared shirt and black pants, stands next to Eric Haugen, a person with short brown hair wearing a dark collared shirt with jeans. The two are standing in front of a machine in their lab. A staff scientist is photographed at his desk. Next to him is a laptop displaying computer simulations. Two scientists with short black hair prepare some samples on a spectroscopy instrument that is on the right of the frame. Person with long, brown hair standing in front of scientific instrumentation. Dark-haired scientist in the center of the frame looks toward the camera. They are standing behind the clear glass of an encased automated lab. Collage of two images. From left: Darleane Hoffman, Gabor Somorjai. Person with white hair wearing glasses and a white collared shirt smiles for a photo in front of a white and black building. Illustration depicting a three-sectioned recycling sign surrounding a scene of two recycling bins with recyclables at varying states of decay. Illustration of a blue electric vehicle with light streaming from it against a black background. Scanning transmission electron microscope images reveal the elemental distribution in a “disordered” solid electrolyte. Artist’s rendering of a copper nanoparticle life cycle during CO2 electrolysis: Copper nanoparticles (left) combine into larger metallic copper “nanograins” (right) within seconds of the electrochemical reaction, reducing CO2 into new multicarbon products. A new type of polysulfate compound can be used to make polymer film capacitors that store and discharge high density of electrical energy while tolerating heat and electric fields beyond the limits of existing polymer film capacitors.