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Structures of 12 compounds in the Materials Project database. A map of the ESnet6 network showing the locations of the four sites with 400G capability in orange and the two in progress in yellow. A biofuel canister in front of planes and crops. Data center rendering. A staff scientist is photographed at his desk. Next to him is a laptop displaying computer simulations. Dark-haired scientist in the center of the frame looks toward the camera. They are standing behind the clear glass of an encased automated lab. A small brown wooden model of a house sits on cracked concrete Two people with short hair and glasses standing next to each other for a photo in a foyer. Collaged image of a person working at a laptop computer desk in front of a teal background with opaque icons. A dark blue, green, and white digital illustration of a set of human lungs on a screen with small coronavirus particles and graphs and medical symbols Looking into the HERA tunnel, the world's most powerful electron-proton collider. Illustration of a world map, with orange lines connecting various cities across the United States to other countries.