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This electron microscopy-derived composite image shows excitons in green. The moiré unit cell outlined in the lower right of the exciton map is about 8 nanometers in size. Two hands with blue gloves are golding tubes in a lab setting. One tube is filled with a piece of copper that has been cleaned of other components and the other with the alkaline solution used to dissolve the quick-release battery binder Artistic depiction of electron transfer driven by an ultrashort laser pulse, across an interface between two atomically-thin materials. A scientist handles a large scientific instrument in the Advanced Light Source. A black and white microscopy image of the material; it looks like zoomed in scratches on a hard surface on the left, then the same image in vivid multicolor on the right. Diagram of carbon dioxide being converted into solar fuels through artificial photosynthesis. Graphic illustration depicting three scenes surrounding a spinning microchip. Four scientists converse with each other in a lab. White strands extend from the left side of the photo all the way to the right against a black background, with figures of molecules overlaid on top. Light microscopy image of nanowires. Scientist conducting an experiment in the lab. A 2D material sample that is held within an ultrahigh vacuum, low-temperature scanning probe microscope.