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Two gloved hands holding petri dishes of fungi. Plant cells that look like rectangular boxes filled with green dots (chloroplasts) on a light background. Abstract digital illustration of bacteriophages against a purple background. A cartoon-style graphic of a woman in green holding a plastic cup looking at a range of different gray recycling bins with piles of multicolored waste piled around them. An illustration imagining a future driven with biomanufacturing showing a street with storefronts, decorated with DNA double helices, that are supplied by large vials of blue liquid stretching above the buildings into the sky. Collage of biotal, a hand holding a plant, and a researcher holding up a recyclable plastic Two scientists working at the ABPDU's facility. Worms eye view of an industrial development obscured by blades of grass. A vial containing brightly colored shapes representing molecules sits on a beige surface next to empty blue vials Two scientists wearing lab coats, gloves, and eye protection, working in a lab. A digital illustration of an hourglass filled with pieces of virus capsules and DNA strands. The pieces at the top of the hourglass are purple, and they are flowing downward into viral pieces that are orange. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, also known as brewer’s yeast, is seen under a microscope.