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Illustration depicting a three-sectioned recycling sign surrounding a scene of two recycling bins with recyclables at varying states of decay. Collage of images including the earth, hydrogen molecules, wind turbines, a plane, and a truck Illustration depicting two plants in the sunlight. One of the plants is bionic and has attached cords. Colorful illustration depicting four figures in happy poses Illustration depicting a hand placing a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is a map of the Earth Collage of a black and white finger holding a microchip on top of a colorful background of painterly strokes Illustration depicting floating "coins" of energy storage techniques going into a piggy bank An illustration of two cats (one living and one skeletal) perched in a computer screen Collage of a gloved arm holding out a vial A collage of a telescope over a orange, star-filled sky Colorful data lines converging in the left-mid frame