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A biofuel canister in front of planes and crops. Green and blue gradient with Energy earthshots U.S. Department of Energy logo An industrial facility in shadow, backlit by an orange sunset An illustration of a glowing orb of light near a shadowed forest floor, with small leaves illuminated by the orb Large wind turbine base flowing back and forth. Six circles depicting different scenes: wind turbines, hydrogen element, solar farm, hydrogen tank, scientists, and a hydrogen fueled car. Reed Teyber, a research scientist, works a device he developed for measuring high-temperature superconducting magnets, at a machine shop in Building 58 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Composite image of a film strip along the top of the frame. A sun flare occupies the top left side with various bubbles floating throughout the image. Illustration depicting a city connected to a geothermal aquifer system. A vial containing brightly colored shapes representing molecules sits on a beige surface next to empty blue vials Two hands with blue gloves are golding tubes in a lab setting. One tube is filled with a piece of copper that has been cleaned of other components and the other with the alkaline solution used to dissolve the quick-release battery binder Light microscopy image of nanowires.