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Photo collage of hydrogen technologies Green and blue gradient with Energy earthshots U.S. Department of Energy logo Six circles depicting different scenes: wind turbines, hydrogen element, solar farm, hydrogen tank, scientists, and a hydrogen fueled car. Collage of images including the earth, hydrogen molecules, wind turbines, a plane, and a truck Collage style graphic of a scientist sitting at a computer desk in front of a blue background. Cityscape in the dark, with yellow lights shining in one building's windows. stock photo of Hydrogen filling station on a background of trucks Grayscale image of a six-sided plate with bubbles rising from its edges. stock photo of hydrogen fueling station stock photo of commercial truck An illustration of the 2D boron nitride substrate with imperfections that host tiny nickel clusters. The catalyst aids the chemical reaction that removes hydrogen from liquid chemical carriers, making it available for use as a fuel. (Credit: Jeff Urban/Berkeley Lab)