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Aerial photograph of the FLEXLAB complex An industrial facility in shadow, backlit by an orange sunset A wind farm on the north shore of Oahu, operated by the Hawaiian Electric Company. Artistic representation of a smart home Griffith Park brush wildfire and the Woolsey fire in California. Illustration of a train connected to a city via a power grid. Digital illustration of the world outlined in green against a dark background, with various renewable energy icons and numbers floating around. View of a city with passing car light trails on the highways, lined with trees and greenery on either side. Commercial buildings line the far sides of the highway. Graphic collage depicting an air conditioning unit, the earth, a spilled salt container, an arm spraying an aerosol can, and various ions and arrows in front of a orange and blue gradient background. A heap of electronic and computer hardware waste for disposal or recycling - junked computer parts. Illustration of a smart home running on electric and thermal battery power. Trucks on an asphalt road in a rural landscape at sunset.