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An illustration showing four separate circular scenes. Blades of grass are around the left and right edges of the image. A wooden walkway over a marshy flat area with shallow water and visible vegetation. Set against a bright blue sky with clouds. Digital collage of a plane flying through the air fueled by crops. Aerial photograph of the FLEXLAB complex Green and blue gradient with Energy earthshots U.S. Department of Energy logo An industrial facility in shadow, backlit by an orange sunset Christina Castanha, a person wearing a light colored hat, green shirt, and brown pants, collecting soil samples outdoors for a deep-soil warming experiment. Six circles depicting different scenes: wind turbines, hydrogen element, solar farm, hydrogen tank, scientists, and a hydrogen fueled car. Worms eye view of an industrial development obscured by blades of grass. Two women standing at opposite sides of a colorful sewing room. Environmental technology concept image. Various environmentally focused icons are placed overtop of a green and blue tinted city-scape. Graphic illustration depicting five separate illustrations.