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Microscope illustration A cartoon-like graphic showing multicolored microbes and viruses on a dark blue background. A searchlight tracks over the microbes, revealing a section of colorful DNA inside a bacterium. An illustration of a glowing orb of light near a shadowed forest floor, with small leaves illuminated by the orb A vial containing brightly colored shapes representing molecules sits on a beige surface next to empty blue vials A digital illustration showing red virus particles each with a geometrically shaped capsule, stalk, and leg-like appendages attached to the surface of a green bacterium. A digital illustration of an hourglass filled with pieces of virus capsules and DNA strands. The pieces at the top of the hourglass are purple, and they are flowing downward into viral pieces that are orange. Conceptual painting depicting celestial purple orbs of varying sizes connected with stretching strands. Animation giving a 360-degree view of the phycobilisome structure researchers helped reveal. Artistic rendering of Ca. Thiomargarita magnifica with dime. Smoke from burning tundra on Alaska's North Slope. Graphic collage of a person standing in front of a DNA strand Graphic collage of a person standing in front of a microbes