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An illustration showing three human figures, one in snow, one in a marsh, and one by a wooded stream. All are collected data in the field. Transmission electron microscope (TEM) images of the new 2D nanosheet as a barrier coating that self-assembles on a variety of substrates: a Teflon beaker and membrane, polyester film, thick and thin silicon films, and glass. KIA NIRO electric car is charging on street parking lot of Lindholmen, Gothenburg Telescopes at the South Pole against starry skies. A map of the ESnet6 network showing the locations of the four sites with 400G capability in orange and the two in progress in yellow. Ashok Gadgil wearing a black suit jacket and white collared shirt, photographed in his lab. Person with short gray hair wearing glasses and a navy suit with a collared shirt, posing inside of a lab, next to the UV Waterworks device resting on a table. A biofuel canister in front of planes and crops. NGC 520, one of the largest and brightest galaxies in the Siena Galaxy Atlas. Data center rendering. Brian Quiter (left) and Kushant Patel test the physical coupling of a radiation imaging system with a Boston Dynamics Spot Robot. Microscope illustration