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Berkeley Lab AAAS fellows, from left: Michael Levi, Jian-Hua Mao, Trent Northen, Alan Poon, Sayeef Salahuddin These images, generated by soft X-ray tomography performed by Berkeley Lab scientists, show the algae at different stages of cell division. UCYN-A, the nitrogen-fixing entity now considered an organelle, is cyan; the algal nucleus is depicted in blue, mitochondria are green, and chloroplasts are lilac. Outstretched hand holding a bowl collecting natrual water. Jessica Granderson, a person with long braided hair wearing hoop earrings and a green and white top, photographed outdoors. Berkeley Lab scientists have taken the first atomic-resolution images and demonstrated electrical control of a chiral interface state. Illustration of a robot arm, vials, a laptop, and a beaker on a desk facing the window. A teal cosmic map of the universe on a black background. Earth is at the center of this thin slice of the full map. There is a magnified section showing the underlying structure of matter in our universe. View of sugarcane from worms eye perspective. Close-up of some Paula shells also called Abalone Two gloved hands holding petri dishes of fungi. Two men seated at a table with computer monitors in the background, discussing a 3 x 14 inch plate mounted with a strip of gray metal and a strip of copper metal with wires protruding from the ends. An illustration showing four separate circular scenes. Blades of grass are around the left and right edges of the image.