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Heat wave over a city skyline. Ilustration of snowcapped mountains in the rain, with gray clouds above. Christina Castanha, a person wearing a light colored hat, green shirt, and brown pants, collecting soil samples outdoors for a deep-soil warming experiment. Supercell thunderstorm in the American Plains. Composite image of a scientist sitting in the grass overlaid on a teal graphic. Environmental technology concept image. Various environmentally focused icons are placed overtop of a green and blue tinted city-scape. Uprooted or broken trees in the Amazon due to intense storms that can cause "windthrow." Satellite image of a bomb cyclone over the Pacific Ocean and Western US. Spring snowmelt in the Ansel Adams Wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada against a setting sky. Digital traffic sign reading Excessive Heat High Fire Danger Use Caution. A wildfire blazes under power lines. Illustration depicting a hand placing a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is a map of the Earth