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Supercell thunderstorm in the American Plains. Composite image of a scientist sitting in the grass overlaid on a teal graphic. Environmental technology concept image. Various environmentally focused icons are placed overtop of a green and blue tinted city-scape. Uprooted or broken trees in the Amazon due to intense storms that can cause "windthrow." Satellite image of a bomb cyclone over the Pacific Ocean and Western US. Spring snowmelt in the Ansel Adams Wilderness of the California Sierra Nevada against a setting sky. Digital traffic sign reading Excessive Heat High Fire Danger Use Caution. A wildfire blazes under power lines. Illustration depicting a hand placing a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle is a map of the Earth Berkeley Lab researchers (from left) Stéphane de la Rue du Can, Nan Zhou, Lynn Price, and Nina Khanna. Scientific figure of soil imaging with neutrons. infographic on power sector emissions