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Large wind turbine base flowing back and forth. Eva Nogales, a person with medium-length white hair wearing glasses and a dark jacket over a white collared top, photographed outdoors with trees in the background. Six circles depicting different scenes: wind turbines, hydrogen element, solar farm, hydrogen tank, scientists, and a hydrogen fueled car. Enrico Ridente, a person with short dark hair and a beard wearing a light green collared shirt and black pants, stands next to Eric Haugen, a person with short brown hair wearing a dark collared shirt with jeans. The two are standing in front of a machine in their lab. Reed Teyber, a research scientist, works a device he developed for measuring high-temperature superconducting magnets, at a machine shop in Building 58 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. A staff scientist is photographed at his desk. Next to him is a laptop displaying computer simulations. Two scientists working at the ABPDU's facility. Collage of transit, highways, solar panels, factories, homes, and a sunrise over a prairie. Worms eye view of an industrial development obscured by blades of grass. Two side-by-side portraits of scientists Composite image of a film strip along the top of the frame. A sun flare occupies the top left side with various bubbles floating throughout the image. Two scientists with short black hair prepare some samples on a spectroscopy instrument that is on the right of the frame.