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Junko Yano, a person with short dark hair wearing a yellow cardigan over a white collared shirt. White R&D 100 Awards logo on a dark green background. Heat wave over a city skyline. Members of the team that conducted the research in the Lab. Scientist conducting experiments in a bunny clean room suit. Collage of two pictures showing 2D material behavior side by side. (Left) Above an onset temperature, a 2D material exhibits normal liquid behavior with all particles similarly mobile (yellow). (Right) Below that temperature, it becomes supercooled, with the onset of rigidity leading to just some mobile particles (yellow) amongst solid-like ‘frozen’ regions (blue). A cartoon-like graphic showing multicolored microbes and viruses on a dark blue background. A searchlight tracks over the microbes, revealing a section of colorful DNA inside a bacterium. Hand holding a cigarette near carpet. Smiling person wearing a white shirt under a black blazer. Collage of biotal, a hand holding a plant, and a researcher holding up a recyclable plastic Artistic representation of a smart home