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View of a city with passing car light trails on the highways, lined with trees and greenery on either side. Commercial buildings line the far sides of the highway. A digital illustration showing red virus particles each with a geometrically shaped capsule, stalk, and leg-like appendages attached to the surface of a green bacterium. Illustration of a blue electric vehicle with light streaming from it against a black background. The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) atop Kitt Peak. Person in a black suit and glasses standing cross-armed in front of buildings. Scanning transmission electron microscope images reveal the elemental distribution in a “disordered” solid electrolyte. Artist’s rendering of a copper nanoparticle life cycle during CO2 electrolysis: Copper nanoparticles (left) combine into larger metallic copper “nanograins” (right) within seconds of the electrochemical reaction, reducing CO2 into new multicarbon products. A new type of polysulfate compound can be used to make polymer film capacitors that store and discharge high density of electrical energy while tolerating heat and electric fields beyond the limits of existing polymer film capacitors. Sunrise over a prairie. A small brown wooden model of a house sits on cracked concrete This electron microscopy-derived composite image shows excitons in green. The moiré unit cell outlined in the lower right of the exciton map is about 8 nanometers in size. Two people with short hair and glasses standing next to each other for a photo in a foyer.