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An illustration showing four separate circular scenes. Blades of grass are around the left and right edges of the image. A purple gloved hand holding a transparent box with a plant inside. Oil refinery external landscape A view of an eddy covariance tower, capable of measuring the release of greenhouse gases, located in Alaska. A satellite view of a Hurricane Patricia over the western hemisphere. Plant cells that look like rectangular boxes filled with green dots (chloroplasts) on a light background. A computer screen floating in front of a supercomputing facility with a virus and bacteria coming out of the top. A large root system connects the computer with dirt floor full of soil organisms. A wooden walkway over a marshy flat area with shallow water and visible vegetation. Set against a bright blue sky with clouds. Eight 2-centimeter-tall 3D-printed devices fabricated from supramolecular ink that emits blue or white light. Abstract digital illustration of bacteriophages against a purple background. Graphic collage of a scientist holding a beaker in front of a teal background. Alistair Rogers, a person with short brown hair wearing a light blue collared shirt.