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A person testing electronics that are part of the experimental setup used for making qubits in silicon in a lab. Computer screen with models displayed on screen. The image shows how this digital model complements CO2 reduction experiments to accelerate the development of improved reactors. A person in a navy top standing with their arms crossed in front of a hallway. Polly Arnold, Division Director, Chemical Sciences Division, with Matt Hernandez, Graduate Student Researcher. Close up of ashtray full of cigarettes with a person in background working on a laptop computer. The elements cadmium, arsenic, and chromium are overlaid on top. Magnon propagation in an antiferromagnet is revealed in these snapshots of spatially resolved transient reflectance, obtained using pairs of laser pulses. A colorful cartoon illustration of plants, structural molecules, a DNA strand, a pharmaceutical vial, and a microbe. Sayeef Salahuddin (left) and Nirmaan Shanker in the lab. Two black and white profile pictures of a female scientist and a male scientist on a green gradient background Exterior of a school building. Collage of the three Berkeley Lab scientists elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. From left: Polly Arnold, Uroš Seljak, and Irfan Siddiqi. Carolin Sutter-Fella (standing), Staff Scientist, and Tim Kodalle, Postdoctoral Researcher, discuss their research at the Advanced Light Source (ALS).